Galaxy Fidget Spinner Stress Toy for Boredom Relief LED (Green)

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  • Relieve stress, focus the mind, satisfy tactile fidgeting impulses
  • Super Fast ball bearings allows full 360 degree spinning up to 2 minutes or more
  • Ultra smooth action that can balance on one finger

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Galaxy Fidget Spinner Stress Toy for Boredom Relief LED (Green)

  • Satisfying sensory fulfillment with the flick of a finger
  • Excellent for fidgeters, ADHD, Autism and general Anxiety symptom relief
  • Solid construction means your spinner can handle drops and still be ready for another spin
  • Super smooth 608 bearings ensure fast spinning every time
  • Set on your desk and spin to focus your mind
  • One or two hand operation

Do you bite your nails, twirl your hair or chew your pen? Maybe you can‰ۡó»t make it through your latest business meeting or class without flicking your pencil or tapping your feet. Now you can find simple, but satisfying relief with your very own Galaxy Fidget Spinner!

With solid construction and super smooth 608 bearings, you can fidget away with the flick of a finger and not worry about damaging your Galaxy Fidget Spinner if you drop it. Pinch it between your fingers or try to balance it on your fingertip, feel the momentum shift in your hands as you spin it upside down and back! Set it on your desk and watch it go for 2 whole minutes or more to clear and focus your mind for that important meeting later on!

Sure to delight adults and children alike, your Galaxy Fidget Spinner is great for general anxiety or stress relief, ADHD, Autism and other compulsive sensory disorders. When the world becomes too much to deal with, slip it out of your pocket and give it a flick to help calm your nerves discreetly and easily!

  • ABS Plastic
  • .45 lbs
  • 3″ circumference

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 3 × 0.5 × 3 in


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